How to Build strength through adversity

In the walk of life, trials, and challenges might cover the destiny of a man. When forward movement is expected, retardation can cluster the road of fulfillment. Men of meaningful impacts never rose to the pinnacle of greatness by default, greatness is tested in the face of adversity. Nearly all men in history have been challenged in one way or the other but their resilience and reaction to the up and downs of life dictate their final destination in the race of life. To every uncomfortable situation comes an expiration date as everything in the world is ephemeral as time and chance happen to all activities of man.

The world is full of men of a witty invention who kept failing forward despite the odds of life. Humans are mostly intrigued when new inventions take shape without considering the hard work and dedication. From the past generation to the glorious future ahead, challenges will continue to be a determining factor of remarkable success.

The entire populace wants to have a smooth voyage, enjoying all the good things of life and never have a reason to ponder on the main reason of existence. I have overcome several challenges in life and my life is a testimony that tough times never last. Right from the beginning of my primary school education have been a slow starter and this impacted my performance.

Quitting could have been the best option but in the history of mankind am yet to see a man whose name is highly esteemed by giving up instead of firing up. Winners never quit, they are determined to prosper no matter the hardship of life. I struggle all days in my primary school which is solely my responsibility due to ignorance and negligence. In a class of 23 pupils, I managed to rank in the bottom half of the class on several occasions. The most nostalgic moment is when the report cards are given to take home. Parents expectations are high as report card is the evidence of their children performance within an academic session. Due to the position, I fall into, I will not be proud to meet my parents, and hiding my report card would be the best option. I linger on this issue for so long but with a strong heart that things can change for the better.

My mother’s advice and teaching catalyzed my positive reactions to life. I was highly motivated with a strong belief that if others could do it’s, I can equally achieve the same feat. She was my pillar of support and this enables my promise to make her proud no matter what life throws to me. My overall best position in the later stages of primary school is the 4th position. From 18th position to 4th position, I join the 10 best students of my class but this result isn’t the best I could get as there is room for improvement. The turnaround began with a change of mindset and a will to stand tall by building a name in a fairly competitive environment.

As the next face of my life looms, secondary school challenge was even greater than what have experienced as the best brains gathered for a challenge in a science class. Building on my primary school experience I believe the same strategy will work no matter how cloudy the sky might be. Speaking with my friend on a cold Thursday evening on how fascinated I am about the forthcoming valedictory service for secondary graduates where I was determined to win not just one award but multiple gifts when the occasion arises. He believed in me but right inside me it seems like a mirage and if it would be possible I would sacrifice my time to read more and study hard during the day and at night.

My ambition was triggered as the school introduces a new reading structure called Preparatory classes are known as “Prep” where teachers, tutors ensure students read for one hour after normal daily academic activities before going home. This platform enhances my reading skills and boosts my confidence that I can be the most sought-after student in terms of excellence in school.

This process was fully monitored by Reverend father Boniface, an astute leader, disciplined, and lover of great virtues who will forever remain the best principal in the history of my alma mater. A man of excellence who instills not just discipline but a balanced code of conduct in the life of every student making us an exemplary leader in the world. I leverage this opportunity by reading extra 3hrs every day to achieve my dreams.

A date is just a number as the much awaiting secondary school WASSCE examination is just around the corner. Before this, an all-state mock exam was carried by the missionary to prepare students for the external examination.

All students were on their toes as everyone desire is to pass the exam once. Interestingly, the handwork and preparation paid a dividend as I emerge as the best student in Physics and Geography. The much-awaited ceremony was organized by the school committee and the long-time dream of becoming the best student came to reality. I remember with great joy when my name was called to receive prizes, the standing ovation was exhilarating and the love from all the four walls of the hall become a frenzy. It was a moment of joy as truly nothing is impossible to achieve except the limit we placed on ourselves.

This is a message of hope to everyone, don’t be deterred, behind every dark cloud there is a bright morning. When the bubbles of tough times cover your life, first win inside out as the innermost chamber determines our reactions. Track records of successful people who navigate against trials have shown that when quitting becomes the best option, that when victory is near. You never can tell how close you are to the promised land, never give up as tomorrow holds unlimited opportunities.

A few years ago, it was a privilege to serve my father’s land in the ancient city of Benin Edo state Nigeria. The moment remains evergreen in my heart with positivity meeting adversity. I traveled on the road of rejection as my expectation never materializes in the pursuit of getting a place of primary assignment. Several events unfold that drain away my energy of hope. With ecstasy, I was presented with posting letter to one of the most popular places to work in Benin city but out of 52 corp members, I was part of the rejected list. Turning through the cardinal points of life, I look dejected with little hope for the future. In my best interest, all roads seem closed as options available are few and below standards. Looking around for another place for the assignment was the most frustrating moment of my life as many employers have no space for internships.

Days and weeks past and the decision moment looms and the best I could do is to carried out a serious critical thinking why building on my strength and ability.

I was determined to see opportunity in adversity and nothing seems impossible to him that believe. My interchangeable resources are skills and knowledge which I give so much preference to. On my reporting day, preparation meet opportunity as purpose meet actions. I was able to join the school wall as a mathematics teacher and several home lessons medium came my way unsolicited for but all this were made possible through the art of optimism in the face of adversity and challenges. .

In the history book, the lists are endless as Albert Einstein, the Wright brothers, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Churchill and many more have passed through many difficult times before winning big in life. Presently all your efforts might go unnoticed very soon you will be celebrated. The biggest motivation is to keep sailing despite the wave of uncertainty. The future is bright!!!!

How to Turn Adversity into Strength

•Change of mindset and embrace positivity.
•Accept responsibility and be open to opportunity
•Keep moving forward no matter how difficult it might seem
•Be innovative and creative with tools of productivity
•Free your mind from negative influences.

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