How to wave past Unemployment in Nigeria

In every nation of the world, employment is private sector driven. The amount of capacity the government can contain is limited. Breezing through the corridor of unemployment, the sector is filled with young graduates between the age range of 21-35.

Despite all the sleepless nights in higher institutions, many people found themselves on street job hunting and looking for a means of livelihood. The scenario is worrisome as parents’ investment looks unlikely to get a return after spending cash in making their children fully developed adults and graduates.

The phenomenon is getting worse every day as more graduates are being pumped into the system yearly making the labor sector congested and full of hopeless young people who find it difficult to land their dream job in a time-bound manner.

Life is a roller coaster, on the other side, the reverse might be the case as others complain thousands rejoice to get employment letters as they quit the job seeker circle to join passive and active income earner in the facet of life. The challenging reasons and way out continue to seek answers in the heart of people who seem undeterred despite the stone of disappointment thrown at them.
In an aptitude test hall, many faces went bizarre, others look helpless, many provoking thoughts rage through the mind of test-takers.

The unending series of questions yet to answer either quantitatively, verbal, or numerically assuage the joy of unprepared applicants due to unfamiliarity with the questions. Week in week out, the testing centers are full and the online application portal continues to receive thousands of new curriculum vitae submissions. If you are among the hopeless circle, weep no more, and this article will open your heart to the basic principles and give you a clear view on how to navigate the employment sphere to save water. The writer’s opinion seeks the happiness of unemployed graduates with a compilation insight that will reshape, rebuild and fire applicants to the dreamland.

Furthermore, enough of the blame game, as nature would have it our lives are mainly our responsibility. The ball is in our court to choose and make decisions that determine our destiny. The following are some of few ways to ease past unemployment easily:

Information is King

In a technology-driven cosmos, information is power but information rightly applied is king. As a graduate, you must feed your soul with quality information based on your preference and personal pursuit. In the global village, information is at your fingertip.

The rate at which information travel online is similar to the speed of light. It is highly expected of applicants to get a functional email that would receive daily job updates which will enhance their chances of succeeding. In Nigeria today, their a lot of opportunities to tap into but only fewer people have access to it due to their level of quality information they reach and the type of friends they keep.

To be honest, what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is information. Never joke with it and stop toiling on a road that leads to nowhere. Stop feeding your mind with junk that won’t help your growth.

Consistent learning/Self Development.

Arguably, growth is a function of learning. It might interest you that many are increasing in age but personal development is zero. Millions rely on the paper certificate without any practical problem-solving skills. As a determined individual, learning is unending as it from cradle to grave.

A positive value is a key that unlocks many doors of opportunity. Most employers want a graduate with residual knowledge and most basic skills are not acquired in school except the fundamentals of how to read and write with advanced methodology without any practice.

It never too late to acquire new skills such as programming, fashion designing, event planning, etc that can add more value to you. Until you have value you are not worthy of remuneration. Learning precedes earning and your skills become valuable if it is exchangeable with another person’s need.

Nigeria’s university system, it theory-based, and graduates find it difficult to compete favorably in the labor market. During my stay in the university, due to lack of teaching aids and practical equipment students learn without seeing the right equipment that defines what the lecturer explains which saddens my heart.

Computer Engineering students can’t use basic programming languages effectively, a student from the department of electrical and electronic engineering couldn’t fix simple electrical and wiring issues. This is a slap on technology school graduates who profess to be an engineer without any experience. On this basis, there is no fencing when it comes to knowledge.

Kindly put yourself on the path to learn new skills, upgrade, and self-developed every day why setting goals and challenging yourself to achieve more. This method is a guarantee to work as it doesn’t make you a quality job seeker but an outright independent individual who can create jobs and become an employer of labor.

The story of Muzzail Oreoluwa is inspiring and can propel others to also achieve the impossible regardless of environmental conditions. Born into a family with no advantage, he was determined to self-sponsored himself through school while picking a painting skill every evening. His ability to combine schooling with skill acquisition paid dividend as he was able to open a painting training school where interested individuals can be trained, lectured and tutored in the art of quality painting.

Due to his creativity, he started drawing portrait, landscape pictures why painting on canvas. Today Oreoluwa is one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in Nigeria and employer of labor. Their much lesson to pick from oreoluwa grass to grace story that despite not born with a silver spoon, his will and passion created a room for him in the hall of successful individuals. Don’t give up you too can be great.


The greatest assets in life are people. A quality relationship with friends is more beneficial to open new opportunities than an academic degree.

It is expedient to respect people because many people have got to the top and pinnacle of success through a peer-to-peer connection. People are vital and instrumental to the growth of others.

The bitter truth about life is that journey to the next stage of life requires human effort. You can land your dream job through a recommendation from a senior boss at work. Join a leadership group online to enhance your chances of getting referrals from already established institutions.

Prepare a high-quality CV and Cover letter

As a graduate, your first selling point is your CV. This is the landing page that determines the next phase of your job search.

Many employers have trash thousands of resumes into the cabbage because it was full of fluff without any quality-related to their work experience. The layout of most CVs is below par and quite substandard. It takes quality to standard out with a winning edge.

It is highly advisable to take time in preparing a value-oriented resume. Add relevant work experience, leadership, and quality skills why building your cv. Don’t just stop here, tailor your cv to related career prospects.

Seek divine intervention

The heart of man and kings is in the hand of the lord. Commit your activities, thought, plans into his hands and capacity are strong enough to usher you into the world your heart conceive. The supernatural being is unlimited.
Conclusively, be of good cheers and take action.

Align your plans to your purpose and constantly keep pushing. Victory is assured. If you find this piece life-changing and helpful, kindly share it with others.

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