Practicable Success Principle that Guarantees Academic Excellence in School.

This informative and educative piece is prepared and dedicated to all students across the globe who struggle hard to excel in school and target high-flying students to remain in good shape through their academic year. The article is to build and motivate students.

The World only celebrates successful people who turn a stumbling block into stepping stones in the journey of their lives. School is a citadel of learning where characters are formed and basic useful information is being thought. Education and schooling are two different things with thousand of people passing through the school wall without getting educated. The latter is incomplete as the former is the bedrock of meaningful and long-lasting success in life. In the school world, learning is fun for some students, and for others it a mountain insurmountable as they move from one grade or class to another.


There are a plethora of reasons why students perform poorly during the examination whether internal or organized external screening for students.

The joy that accomplished seeking knowledge worth the desired result but only very few people are willing and ready to pay the sacrifice in living a footprint of success in their field of endeavor.

In an ever-changing environment, the hindsight of others should be the foresight of ambitious students under the right learning guide. The truth about academic excellence is that it required dedication to study, commitment to lectures, and the right association between peers in school. This write-up consists of real-life examples of how the writer was able to navigate his academic year with top-notch grades after failing and falling behind severally in school. Enjoy as you read along as success awaits you.

The feelings of failing a course or subjects after preparing well for the test, continuous assessment, and examination have a ripple effect on the wellbeing of the students. I understand how the shoe pinches because I was once a victim. Many times, students don’t get along with tutors in class, and asking questions becomes a problem due to the inferiority complex. In some climes, limited opportunities are being given to students to ask questions about the topics and unfortunately, most questions are being turned into assignments.

Hundreds of students are facing one challenge or the other from lack of access to course materials, the complexity of the course module, no efficient teaching aids, etc. Under the same timing and unfair conditions, thousands of students have overcome such a turbulent time and thus coming out in flying colors. To become great in life, knowledge, and wisdom plays a vital role, and since school is one of the very few places to get quality information-theoretically and practically, challenges thrown to students should be received in good faith.

The principle listed below is tested and trusted with track records that it will work if rightly and properly implemented. Thousands of success stories about how possible it is to move from below to average and from average to excellence within the school and ultimately preparing students for life after school. The writer has compiled 5 working principles which are being explained within this educative post.


•Principle of Association

At the entrance of the premier university in Nigeria, The University of Ibadan hangs a popular saying ” Your Association  determines your destination”. Every student desire to fly and do well at the end of the semester or session. Nature created us differently with abilities and the assimilation rate differs from one person to another. First-class students assimilate better and faster than most average students. People that would add value to your life should be your best companion if success is what you crave and desire In a plain statement, there should be a connection between a student who struggles and those whose intellectual prowess and the retention rate is high. It is advisable from experience that cultural integration and friendship should be built during lectures.

The best students should be willing to offer assistance to average students and below-average students should be eager to team up through tutorials and lessons. In the right frame of mind, it is evident from simple mathematics that:
” Average + Average = Average
Average + Excellence = Above Average
Excellent+ Excellent = Excellent”

To achieve exploits in school, students need the right people at the right time under the right condition. Tutors and lecturers should stimulate the process through group discussion, a project pairing technique to help others achieve a good grade in school.

In my university days at Ladoke Akintola University in Nigeria, I was glad to study chemical engineering as an undergraduate under various astute scholars and the most memorable moment is in my final year where I met a Process control specialist who is also a Professor. During optimization classes, Professor Ogunleye understands the strength and weaknesses of his students and this facilitate group assignments tailored at bridging the gap and ensuring equal distribution of knowledge among group members. The versatile professor who has traveled far and wide incorporates this model into the department of Chemical Engineering and ever since then academic success rate has been improved by 40% and back to back best graduating student in the faculty has come from this field of learning.

•Principle of Repetition

Consistency with constant study can fire an average student to the top of the class. As a student, if you read once you know once, and if you read hundred times you know a hundred times. Based on this philosophy the more dedicated you are to reading, the better your performance and chances of getting a good grade. Repetition help even the below-average students to rank with the fast learner. This tale reminded me of my primary school memories where we are taught the basics of reciting the alphabet severally. Over the years, it sinks into the memory vault, and from sleep, we could easily recite every bit of the alphabet.
Studies have shown that there are primary and secondary memories in humans. The first landing page of content after reading is primary storage. Constant and repeated studies shift the content to the secondary storage where it is being retained for a longer time. Every best student is addicted to reading through repetition. It is proven that tougher subjects can be best understood through dedication and repetitive study and research.

•Principle of Punctuality

The pinnacle of success is the responsibility of punctuality. It is impossible to eat your cake and have it. As a student who is driven by excellence absence in school for lectures is a ton in the flesh. The primary responsibility is to be present in school for lectures not loitering and scaling fences at the expense of acquiring knowledge. Smart students use this period to know the heart of their tutor. In the real-life, there is nothing new under the sun. Questions can only be modified but often time no new questions anywhere. In the best interest of students, presence in classes are fundamental to their overall grade in such a subject. First-class information is given directly from the horse’s mouth to students during lectures and absentees would miss a lot even after contacting their mate after class.
By default, assignments and likely tests and examinations are being practiced indirectly by the lecturer and emphasis is being laid on an area of concentration. Smart students take advantage to score high grades and absentees count ceiling during closed room examination.

•80-20 Principle

Many thanks to the Italian philosopher Pareto who introduced the concept of least effort to achieve more. During his creative thinking, the popular economist philosophy is most effective in the school system as 20 percent of the study account for 80 percent of the result. It never rockets science as the principle remains valid. Student ability and memory are tested based on 20percent of what is being taught in classes. No middle ground, smart students know this well and good that most of the time, assessment questions cover class examples, assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. While preparing for assessment, students should stick and pay more attention to these areas as most lecturers don’t have the luxury of time to set questions outside the scope of studies. This strategy bridge the gap between the hardworking and smart students who spend time in the library preparing hard.

•Principle of Check and Balance

On the road to academic excellence, distractions, and challenges are inevitable. It is prudent to carry out an accurate analysis of the growth and structure of one’s development toward reading, seriousness to lectures, and attitude to become an excellent student. Students should be willing to accept responsibility and desist from any means, that can jeopardize their ambition.

This principle is the fertilizer that grows another principle. In my best interest, going through school is fulfilling as I often sit down and reset, ponder about my progress and ask the why questions?

During my 100level days, my performance wasn’t encouraging, and this generated a lot of concern. On one faithful morning, I brainstorm on the do and don’t of school with a strong conviction that I detest from any form of distractions pulling me down on the ladder of excellence. This decision strengthens my ability to be more dedicated and determined toward my studies. Just like a flash, my academic result begins to experience a turning point shifting me from the lower strata to the top of the class.

In the light of the aforementioned points above, they are subject to writer opinion whose academic excellence in school motivates others to achieve the same feat most easily.

No doubt, if you do what other successful people did, chances are high that you will also succeed regardless of the field of endeavor. To the deepest of my understanding, school is one of the easiest places to excel once you follow the rules that guide the operation of learning.

Getting an A grade is easier than you might ever think, high ranking students’ intellectual prowess is being acquired through dedication to studies and determination to fly high and become a record academic holder.


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