Proven Strategies to Overcome Challenges in a difficult time.

Challenge has been defined as something difficult and that requires great, efforts, strength, courage, and determination. It requires determination because you have to decide if you are going to win the challenge or not. Remember, tough people last and not tough situations.

This world is full of different challenges. In reality, everyone will face or has faced one or two challenges in a lifetime. Think of the time you went bankrupt for a particular time, it was a challenge. Think about the time you were depressed because of heartbreak, it was a challenge. Think of the time you were sacked at your job, it was a challenge. Look at the time you lost someone close to you, it was a challenge. Didn’t you overcome those situations? I bet you did and this write-up will discuss different types of challenges and also proffer coping mechanisms or solutions in overcoming those challenges.

Types of challenges range from financial, academic, and career, heartbreak or relationship, break-ups, death, existential, and health challenges.


Financial challenge is not the same thing as poverty. The financial challenge might just be a phase. In other words, financial challenges might just be for a short period. For instance, you read news about public figures, celebrities that are broke or bankrupt.

This doesn’t mean they are not going to overcome the challenge at that particular time. It might just be a phase that will not even last long. It’s a challenge that they have to fight to win. How do we overcome financial challenges? One, you have to simplify your lifestyle and create a budget. You can simplify your lifestyle by cutting your coat according to your size. If you are the type that changes your wardrobe every month, you have to adapt to the current situation, which is the ability not to afford a monthly change of wardrobe. Creating a budget is also similar to simplifying your lifestyle. It’s like having a monthly spending plan for your money. It guides your spending decisions so that you’re spending money on what’s important to you.

Heartbreak or relationship challenge is another type of challenge that causes a victim depression. How do you cope with or manage heartbreak or relationship challenges? Get moving! You have to understand that your other partner is gone for good and he/she is not coming back. You have to make yourself believe that you have nothing to lose, even if you have something to lose. Just make sure you tell yourself anything to get moving. You might decide to go for a run while listening to your favorite songs. Hang out more with friends. Learn to forgive. You should know that this is not about forgiving your partner.


Forgiveness is for you. Forgiveness in this context is to stop feeling anger or hatred at someone who has offended you or wrong you. By forgiving, you are letting go of the past. You are breaking the chains that are binding you and allow yourself to live a better life with the person you are meant to be with. Set the intention to forgive and be at peace with yourself.


Also, Don’t allow heartbreak or relationship challenge to hurt you by hardening your heart and closing off to new love. Get out there. Meet with friends. Live. Laugh. Love. Be happy. The power to recover from a heartbreak or relationship challenge lies within you. Know this and know peace.

Academic and career challenge is another type of challenge that’s cosmopolitan. That is, it affects almost everyone. A student who’s always falling in his exams, repeating a particular class, always at the bottom of his class is experiencing academic challenges. This challenge might frustrate you to give up on acquiring education or learning. Likewise, an adult who has been sacked from his place of work is also facing career challenges. How can you overcome academic and career challenges? Manage your time well. This implies that as a student, you have to know how to balance your time and manage it effectively. Know when to read, know when to play and you will start seeing improvement. Prepare very well. Also, it’s normal to face career challenges throughout your professional life by you can overcome them by giving it time, stay positive and reach out for professional advice from senior colleagues.


Another challenge we would be looking at is the pain of the death of someone. We all know death is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, it will catch up with us sooner or later. In truth, we will all die but our prayer is that our death should not be early. How do we bear the loss or death of someone close? One, you have to be strong. You have to understand that God gives and takes. Also, have trust in God that the deceased is in a better place.


Furthermore, another challenge that one might face in a lifetime is existential. This type of challenge comes with questions like “I don’t know who I am” or “Where am I going” “What’s my purpose in life” However, do not be disturbed when these questions come your way. They are normal and also important. These questions will be your drive and you will be propelled to do exploits.

Lastly, health challenges are not a strange thing. Some people struggle every day with chronic illness and undiagnosed disease. A lot of people experience severe health, the rich inclusive. Obesity, rheumatism are some of the common health challenges that people face. But how do we overcome these challenges? First off, we should know that God heals.

Regardless of the health challenge that you are facing, believe in God to heal. Apart from the God factor, you should keep fighting.

In conclusion, have faith in God, be strong and keep fighting because being positive is half the battle.


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